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A Somatic Approach- Learning how to get out of survival and into your power

January 4 @ 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm CST

Learning how to get out of survival and into your power. A somatic approach Presented by Brad Golphenee. Open to all genders.

Survival energy is bound, tight, and constricted in the body. When we live on the edge of survival the threshold into fight and flight is just a nudge away. We are hardwired to survive. Our bodies are programed to do what it takes to survive. And, when it feels like there is a threat at every turn, it can be exhausting to manage. So how do we better manage our own nervous systems to live powerful lives?
Using a Somatic approach, another way to speak of Survival Energy is to be on the edge of Sympathetic Activation. Our Sympathetic nervous system is where our Fight and Flight responses lie. There is a transition that our bodies go through when we go from our Para-Sympathetic (rest, relax, digest) state to a Sympathetic state. Learning how our bodies automatically react to certain situations can be helpful when we are trying to improve our lives, when we seek peace and comfort yet receive chaos and uncertainty. I will take us through the Threat Response Cycle to show how our body systems react to threat and how this cycle can get stuck ON in our lives. As we become aware of our amazing body intelligence, we become more conscious of our behaviors. And as we become more conscious, we have more agency to change in healthy ways.
I have been working with Men for over 15 years and currently have a Somatic Coaching practice based in Sandpoint Idaho. I have been a senior trainer and facilitator with EVRYMAN and hold a certificate in Somatic Experiencing from the Somatic Institute for Trauma based in Boulder Colorado. My passion for this work is seeing men and women break out of trauma cycles to fully express their light in the world. I have a special soft spot for fathers and also run Father’s Groups to help dads become remarkable Fathers.
Hope to see you on our call,

Brad Golphenee