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Monday Meditation

Join MenLiving Member, Shaun Emerson, online every Monday morning at 6:30am CST for a meditation & mindfulness session.  Relax, focus and prepare yourself for the workday. Or go deeper by exploring who you are and who you want to be in the energy of a supportive community.  RSVP to a scheduled session or learn more below.
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What to expect at Meditation?

The session lasts 30 minutes, but is designed for you to stay as long as your time allows or as fits your current practice. No one should feel bad about having to leave before the 30 minutes expires.

If you uncertain about the idea of meditation, we want you to think about this half hour as a quiet sit and a chance to prepare yourself for the day and week ahead.

This time is open to anyone: man, woman or child so send the invite to others.

Discussion Meeting

To discuss, learn, explore a certain topic that falls within the mission of MenLiving. This is led by a MenLiving Facilitator where a previously chosen blog/video/podcast that fits within our mission is communicated to the group approximately one week before the date of the meeting.

Support Meeting

To support one another with specific issue(s).  This is led by a MenLiving Facilitator and there is no specific topic; instead the men on the call will be invited to share, listen & support the other men with whatever they happen to be experiencing.

Who is Shaun Emerson?
Shaun Emerson MenLiving Stakeholder

Meditation & Yoga Instructor, MenLiving Board Member

Shaun grew up in New England and graduated from the College of the Holy Cross. He has been in the Chicago area since 1986. He is a father of three and has been married to his wife, Lisa, since 1993. 

For over twenty-five years, Shaun was engaged in a variety of corporate and entrepreneurial businesses.  He now dedicates his time to non-profit initiatives serving in board leadership and volunteer positions for multiple organizations. Shaun currently serves as MenLiving’s Board President, Board Vice President for the PiEproject and Treasurer for Learning to Be Human. 

In 2012, Shaun was introduced to the transformational practice of yoga. Moved by the philosophy and the power of the practice, Shaun trained to guide others and has been leading yoga and meditation classes since 2014.

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Our vision is to live in a more harmonious world by deepening connections amongst men.

MenLiving was created in 2012 to create a community of men to give and get support from one another. I believe that when a man is connected to himself and other men that it has a ripple effect into his relationships, parenting, community, and beyond.

This is the foundation of what we do- create a space for men to connect with one another on a deeper level. So I invite you to jump on board and help us live in a more harmonious world - one man at a time.

Are you in?

Todd (Co-Founder)