Virtual Platform. Real Conversations.

Weekly Meeting

Join us online Wednesday nights to have real conversations about what matters most.  Get present; get support; challenge one another; come together with like-minded people to connect in an authentic way. Open to all Men; members and non-members alike. RSVP to a scheduled meeting or learn more below.
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What can I expect at a meeting?

We will connect weekly via Zoom (video conferencing platform – no software download necessary) with either computer or mobile device so we have the ability to see one another.  Once you RSVP, we will send you the link and all the details needed to connect on the scheduled meeting day!  The meeting facilitators will be co-founders Frank Naugo or Todd Adams or other MenLiving members.  All calls start with a brief centering exercise to help remove distractions and bring us to the present moment.  Next, we’ll do some type of “check-in” to get to know one another and discover “where we’re at.”

From there, we’ll provide a topic, ask some questions or provide prompts to deepen the discussion.  

Some meetings are more focused on emotions and tuning into and feeling our feelings fully while others are centered around a topic of discussion and are more intellectually charged.   In either case, confidentiality is practiced and the intention is to express ourselves freely and fully – both emotionally and intellectually and to connect with other men by being seen, heard and felt. 

Any questions, please feel free to reach out to Todd or Frank.

Discussion Meeting

To discuss, learn, explore a certain topic that falls within the mission of MenLiving. This is led by a MenLiving Facilitator where a previously chosen blog/video/podcast that fits within our mission is communicated to the group approximately one week before the date of the meeting.

Support Meeting

To support one another with specific issue(s).  This is led by a MenLiving Facilitator and there is no specific topic; instead the men on the call will be invited to share, listen & support the other men with whatever they happen to be experiencing.

Jump on Board as a Member

Our vision is to live in a more harmonious world by deepening connections amongst men.

MenLiving was created in 2012 to create a community of men to give and get support from one another. I believe that when a man is connected to himself and other men that it has a ripple effect into his relationships, parenting, community, and beyond.

This is the foundation of what we do- create a space for men to connect with one another on a deeper level. So I invite you to jump on board and help us live in a more harmonious world - one man at a time.

Are you in?

Todd (Co-Founder)