reg·u·lar guy: Noun INFORMAL

noun: regular guy; plural noun: regular guys  

a genuine, easy-going, connected man

Do you remember the freedom of childhood? When we were free to spend time with friends, playing, sharing and learning together. Somewhere along the way, those simple friendships started to fade. MenLiving is here to change that because we know that men with strong, genuine friendships live happier, healthier, longer lives.

We’re just a bunch of regular guys. To us “regular” means guys living connected, healthy, intentional lives. MenLiving is committed to delivering the programs & experiences that help men forge the real friendships, community and support that are integral to a healthy, fulfilled life.

We’re not like other groups – we have no requirements, no creeds, no gurus, no judgements – all you have to do is show up.

Where Do I Start?

What is MenLiving?

Connected. Healthy. Intentional.

What is it?

MenLiving is inspired by the challenges faced by men today. In our journey to be good men, the best professionals, partners and parents, we lost some of our circle - the deep friendship connections that help men live longer, happier lives – 22% longer in fact. We’re here to change that through an always growing program of virtual and in-person opportunities that help forge the bonds that are key to fulfillment, health and longevity.

What is expected of me?

Just show up when you can. We offer many ways to connect, and we’re here to help you find the one that’s right for you! The more you connect, the more you’ll receive in support, connection and growth. An easy start is our free weekly virtual meeting – a zoom link and 75 minutes is all you need.

What am I going to get out of it?

Some days you’ll give and some days you’ll get – but you’ll always find connection and support.

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Virtual Support. Real Conversations.

Weekly Meeting

Join us online every Wednesday night to have real conversations about what matters most. Get present; get support; challenge one another; come together with like-minded people to connect in an authentic way. Open to all Men; members and non-members alike.
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“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”
Get Started!

Weekly Virtual Meeting

Not sure this is for you? We weren’t always either. That’s why we encourage you to just show up.

Join us online Wednesday nights from 7:30 - 8:15 pm CST (our Home Sweet Home just happens to be Chicago). Expect to give us just 75 minutes – that’s less than half the length of an NFL game – and get some great conversation.

What Comes Next:

We’ve got lots to offer from online communities to specialized groups to retreats. And we’re here to get involved with what you’re passionate about.

But it all starts at that first meeting.

Join the Meeting

Virtual. Open to All. 

Monday Meditation

Join MenLiving Member, Shaun Emerson, online every Monday morning at 6:30am CST for a meditation & mindfulness session.  Relax, focus and prepare yourself for the workday. Or go deeper by exploring who you are and who you want to be in the energy of a supportive community.
Each of us is looking for a path back to the present.
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Online or In Person. Just Show Up.

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Who is MenLiving?

MenLiving is a non-profit committed to improving men’s lives through connection. We create opportunities for men to gather together to give and get support and build friendship. Through an always growing program of virtual and in-person opportunities, we forge bonds that are key to fulfillment, health and longevity. MenLiving was founded in 2012 by Todd Adams and Frank Naugo as a gathering for men wanting authentic conversation and connection amongst men.
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Todd Adams

MenLiving Co-Founder

Zen Parenting Radio Co-Founder

Life Coach for Guys


Frank Naugo

MenLiving Co-Founder

Certified Yoga Teacher

Mankind Project Member 

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Many MenLiving activities, including our weekly virtual meetings, are free and open to anyone who identifies as male. We’re not like other groups – we have no requirements, no creeds, no gurus, no judgements – all you have to do is join us when you can.

Ready to commit more deeply or participate more fully? You're invited to join a community of men determined to make a positive difference in ourselves and the world.

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Making the World a Better Place

MenLiving Mens Group


To live in a more harmonious world by deepening connections amongst men


We create a space to challenge and support men in living their best lives through authentic conversations, facilitated practices and community engagement

Grounding FOrces

Everything we do in MenLiving is centered around authentic, honest conversations and practices, with a growth and curiosity mindset thereby shaping a new definition of masculinity – that of connection, vulnerability, growth, authenticity and play.


Our hardwiring, our joy, our reason for being


Removing our mask, putting down the shield and letting others in


Becoming the best version of ourselves


Showing up just as we are and embracing that honesty in others


Remembering and re-cultivating our youthful joyfulness