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At MenLiving, our mission is to create spaces where men can connect, heal and thrive. Most of the spaces we create are virtual and open to men across the world. While Zoom meetings can be engaging and powerful, many men seek in person connections as well.

A MenLiving chapter is one of those in-person options.

A MenLiving chapter is a group of men in close geographic proximity who meet at least once a quarter for an in-person meeting led by a MenLiving facilitator.  There is no commitment, and it is free of charge. 

Being a part of a men’s group can impact our growth as men, helping us become more present, powerful, free, passionate, grounded, and playful. MenLiving strives to create an environment where men feel comfortable sharing their struggles, successes, and everything in between. As such, confidentiality is foundational to all our meetings.

A MenLiving chapter meeting typically consist of discussions on topics such as communication, relationships, career, health, and spirituality. If you’re interested in joining a chapter, we welcome you to attend one of our meetings to see if it’s a good fit for you. We believe that by coming together and supporting each other, we can create a world of healthy, intentional, connected men.  

Are you interested in attending a chapter meeting?  Please check our calendar @

Are you interested in being a MenLiving facilitator and starting your own chapter?  Please reach out to

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MenLiving is a non-profit committed to improving men’s lives through connection. We create opportunities for men to gather together to give and get support and build friendship.

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Full House

MenLiving Full House gatherings are for anyone everywhere that identifies as male. The various Full Houses are designed for global consumption.

Small Batches

The “small-batch” concept gives men a structure for gathering in smaller groups for a more intimate connection than might be had in a large virtual or in-person meeting.

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Special Stuff

A category of events that happens less frequently, have a fee associated with them…and can’t be missed!