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Programs & Activities

Through our weekly meetings, monthly workshops, special guests, annual retreats, social activities, and other events, we create spaces for men to gather and share their experiences, feelings, wisdom, and life lessons. We help develop in men the skills needed to be the best version of themselves for themselves, their families and their community. 


We welcome and invite men of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in showing up in this world as their most authentic selves and ready for deeper connection. Check out our ever changing and growing programs and activities below.


MenLiving is committed to leveraging technology to create spaces where men can connect, heal, and thrive. We are using technology to break down walls and shorten distances. Every day, men from all over the world can find opportunities to connect with other men, whether in groups or one on one. Learn more about these virtual spaces below.

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In Person

MenLiving grew out of monthly in-person gatherings in Elmhurst, Illinois. Today, MenLiving supports the organic growth of local in-person groups and is creating opportunities for guys from all over the country to get together for a host of experiences. Learn more about our in-person spaces below.

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