About Us

MenLiving is a non-profit committed to improving men’s lives through connection. We create opportunities for men to gather together to give and get support and build friendship. Through an always growing program of virtual and in-person opportunities, we forge bonds that are key to fulfillment, health and longevity.

Our Story/History

MenLiving is focused on the challenges facing men today. Founded in 2012 by Todd Adams and Frank Naugo we began as a gathering of friends in a living room in the Chicagoland area. In the last 10 years our membership has expanded across the country and around the globe, but our mission remains the same. We gather together virtually and in person to give and get support, share insight and advice and build the strong bonds that are key to living a healthy, connected and intentional life. Our weekly virtual meetings are free and open to anyone who identifies as male – no requirements, no creeds, no gurus required. We’re regular guys – genuine, open and aware and we’d love to hang out with you.

The MenLiving Experience

Full House

The Full House opportunities are open to all men. It consists of meditations, Tuesday separation/divorce meetings, Wednesday topical meetings, monthly workshops, and speaker series. The various Full Houses are designed for global consumption

Small Batches

the “small-batch” concept gives men a structure for gathering in smaller groups for a more intimate connection than might be had in a large virtual or in-person meeting.

Diving Buddies

A diving buddy is a scuba term. A diving buddy is someone of similar interest, experience and ability to share a dive. We have co-opted the idea to represent two guys connecting one on one.

Special Stuff

The Special Stuff is the category of events that happens less frequently, and can’t be missed! Some of them include our in-person meeting, justice circle, podcast, workshops, speaker series, and more!!!

Since that first meeting many years ago…

Since that first meeting many years ago, we’ve brought men together in an effort to break down barriers and redefine the current concept of masculinity. We’ve since hosted hundreds of events covering a wide array of topics including relationships, depression, privilege, gender equality, cultivating creativity, and practicing play (like during our annual summer meeting “play like you did when you were 7”). MenLiving continually strives to strike a balance between embracing discomfort by living at our “edge” and cultivating a joy filled life by offering support and sharing space with one another.

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What drives MenLiving?

Men come to MenLiving with diverse backgrounds and experiences to engage in discussions and activities rooted in living a conscious life as a man in the 21st century. Men have in some ways forgotten how to connect with (and rely on) other men, our wives, partners, families and our communities beyond simply the “surface” level. Our vision is to live in a more harmonious world by deepening our connections amongst men.

Our Vision

A World of Healthy, Intentional, Connected Men

Our Mission

To create spaces where men can connect, heal and thrive.

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Non-Profit Status

We formally created a 501c3 in 2019 in order to reach our vision of being the catalyst of connection for thousands of men and boys throughout all walks of life; providing resources, teachings and a safe space to more fully know ourselves, build a bridge to healthy masculinity and make the world a better place. Our non-profit status enables us to more easily to work with other organizations as well as making it easier to raise the necessary support to fund the programs of MenLiving.


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