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Small Batches

The “small-batch” concept gives men a structure for gathering in smaller groups for a more intimate connection than might be had in a large virtual or in-person meeting.

Why call it “small batch”? In the marketplace, a small batch is a small-scale production in which goods are made in limited quantities, often by means of traditional or artisanal methods. We think this name fits the concept!

Join a Small Batch

M&P (Mountain & Pacific Times)

Ideal for men in Mountain and Pacific Time Zones. Meets Tuesdays at 7AM PT Men exploring a variety of topics.
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Shaun Emerson


You have to be over 50 years old to join this small batch.
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Shaun Emerson

Self-Compassion Workbook

Self-compassion has proven to be a benefit to individual well-being and especially for those who are particularly self-critical. A 3-month self-compassion small batch is intended to get a group of guys together for a self-compassion journey through accountability and share experiences.
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Tony Schmidt

MenLiving Book Club

The MenLiving Book Club promotes inquiry into new genres and explores the varying viewpoints and experiences that different people take away from a good book. Our hope is that these conversations will promote a deeper kinship as we get a better understanding of how each other thinks about and views the world. We’ll focus on books less than ~400 pages geared toward pleasure reading instead of serious study or self-reflection. Each month a member of the group will pick 2-3 books that are interesting to them and the group will vote on which one to read. (Click anywhere on this paragraph to access the voting form.) Everyone will make their best attempt to read it so they can actively participate in the discussion. The person that selected the month’s book will lead that month’s meeting.

I hope you’ll join us, good books are always better when you can discuss them with others!
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Andy McEvoy

MenWalking (In-Person)

Exactly as it sounds! Once a month men get together for an 1hr hike/trail walk through a park within the city limits. This is an easy way to get to meet new guys while exploring new areas of the city. Talking over Coffee afterwards is very common as well.
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Participants seek to build a 15-minute meditation habit through accountability teams/partners and through the NEW Marco Polo channel to post experiences, successes, challenges, and questions to the group.
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‘Cleaning out My Closet’ Small Batch on Minimalism

This small batch is a casual Marco Polo channel where participants can receive or give support on the topic of minimalism and minimalism living (our relationship to our STUFF!). Getting rid of belongings that you think you need (but not really) and just takes up physical and mental space. This is a virtual group where men can come together to see how others go about organizing/downsizing.
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Bullet Journal Experiment

The bullet journal (sometimes known as a BuJo) is a productivity-meets-mindfulness method of personal organization developed by designer Ryder Carroll. The system organizes scheduling, reminders, to-do lists, brainstorming, and other organizational tasks into a single notebook. The commitment is to use the BuJo method for your personal organization for 9 weeks. You will need to buy and read the book and a blank journal (about $10 each on Amazon). The book is 280 pages including 45 pages of illustrations and a pretty quick read.
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Men Talking About Music

This Small Batch via Zoom will be an added element to the already existing Marco Polo channel and will serve as an engaging and interactive virtual space to discuss all things music. With no prerequisites other than a love of music and the willingness to share their thoughts, this group welcomes all enthusiasts. The meetings are scheduled for once a month, taking place on the second Thursday from 7:30-8:30 PM Eastern, allowing for a consistent and convenient gathering time. This structure aims to foster deeper connections and meaningful conversations among MenLiving members through the universal language of music. Join us to explore, share, and celebrate the sounds that move us. You do not need to be a member of the Marco Polo channel to attend the Zoom meetings.

Sandwich Generation - Caring for an Aging Loved One!

This Small Batch is designed for members of the Sandwich Generation—those balancing the responsibilities of raising children and caregiving for an aging parent, spouse, or loved one. The group aims to support parents and individuals navigating the stress, confusion, expense, and challenges of caregiving. Each session will begin with a brief talk on a relevant topic, followed by an open discussion where participants can share experiences and conversation. Meetings are held every Wednesday night at 7:30 PM EST on Zoom. The group will accommodate up to 20 participants, though this limit may be adjusted based on the needs and experiences of the members. Join us to connect with others in similar situations and gain valuable insights into caregiving.

Create a Small Batch

Large meetings, whether virtual or in person, can be great places to meet new men. They can be challenging places to really get to know one another, though. MenLiving’s Small Batches are spaces that give guys that opportunity. Men gather in smaller groups for more intimate connections.

Any member of MenLiving can suggest the start of a new Small Batch. Small Batches may revolve around a shared interest or a particular topic. They may revolve around some commonality, like age, geography, or life experience. Anything that helps men connect, heal, or thrive is reason enough to start a new Small Batch.

Ready to fire one up? If so, then simply answer the questions below. The questions are intended to help you clarify what your Small Batch will be. Your answers, in turn, will help us find the best ways to support you.

Here are some ideas of what a small batch might look like

Contact with any questions

The 28 Day Challenge (Virtual)

This small batch seeks to address and build a new habit for participants with an accountability partner via text. Participants will commit to texting their partner (Yes/No) daily for a full month as it relates to completing the habit for that day. All teams will meet in a giant group at the beginning and end of the month to share their experiences.

MenReading / MenPodcasting / MenWatchingMovies (Virtual)

Certain small batches such as MenReading and MenPodcasting operate as a traditional book club. A piece of material is chosen and participants will commit to completing certain sections before each meeting.

MenMoving (Virtual)

The Leader of the MenMoving small batch will post a daily bodyweight strength movement on Marco Polo for the group members to perform at their convenience throughout the day. These moves will focus on building strength in practical/functional patterns to bring carryover into other movement practices as well as improve overall health and vitality. This will allow participants to maintain an effective and simple movement practice in their busy lives. Each member will commit to participating in a minimum of three movements throughout the week and doing a weekly check-in via Marco Polo. Let’s get moving!

Self-Compassion (Virtual)

This small batch serves as an opportunity to connect with other men and practice self-compassion using Kristen Neff’s book The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook: A Proven Way to Accept Yourself, Build Inner Strength, and Thrive. Participants will meet weekly via Zoom and will go through various exercises mentioned in the workbook. A Marco Polo channel will be created exclusively for the group so men can share their experiences between meetings.

DeepDive (In-Person)

This small batch will have a rotating topic that is announced beforehand and will allow men to dive into personal growth work within that given topic and subtopics. Depending on the size of the small batch, sub

MenEarning (In-Person)

This small batch focuses specifically on personal finances & money management. PLEASE NOTE: This Small Batch is not intended to give financial advice, but a place for men to share their experiences (struggles/triumphs) with earning and saving.