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Meeting Topics

MenLiving facilitates meetings to ignite a conversation. Below are the various topics we’ve covered over the years with many more to come!

What Topics Do You Discuss?

Each meeting, we choose a different impactful, consequential, and thought-provoking topic that gets us talking about things that matter and could lead to change within us or the world around us. Here are example past topics:

Here are example past topics:

The Importance Of Male Friendships

We discussed the importance of a authentic male friendships as well as a podcast titles “The Profound Loneliness of American Men”

King / Warrior / Magician / Lover

We discussed 4 male archetypes as presented by Carl Jung and how these archetypes play a role in our lives.

Adult Male Depression

We discussed and practice the research of Dr. Kristen Neff on self-compassion.

The “What Ifs” Of Fatherhood

Discussion based on 8 ways to look at parenting differently toward being a more self-aware parent. Each man was asked to focus on one of these between now and the next meeting with an opportunity to present any realizations as a result of their new focus.

Emotional Labor

Defined and discussed to help the men view the world through the eyes of a woman and deepen the relationship with their present or future partner

Love Languages

Helping men connect with themselves and their partner using the simple tool of the five different languages

Radical Responsibility

We invited the men look at certain difficult situations in their life through a different lens and to see how they might take ownership for it. We discussed the drama triangle (hero, victim, & villain) with some specificity and which role we sometimes choose.

Structural Racism

Discussed the death of George Floyd, protests and how they relate.

Atomic Habits

Discussed and practiced how to create good habits and break the bad ones.


We discussed and practice the research of Dr. Kristen Neff on self-compassion.

Pain Vs Sufferings

When is it useful and when is it not?


We discussed the nuances of the sexual harassment/assault and how we contribute to these problems in our own lives as well as some actions to put into practice in our own relationships in order to heal these wounds.

The Work

Used Byron’s Katie’s 4 questions and turnaround as a means to take the edge off of our judgments.

Sex and Sexuality

Sex and sexuality are topics many consider too taboo to talk about. Not us; we invite candid conversations about the most intimate of subjects.