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Connection Platforms

MenLiving creates a space to challenge and support men in living their best lives. Sometimes, that space is physical, such as at in-person gatherings in Chicago. More often, though, that space is virtual.

Technologies that shorten distances

Our members and friends live across the nation and around the world. What keeps many guys connected are technologies that shorten the distances between them. The hotlinked overview below gives a snapshot of the virtual spaces where we connect. If you’re a newcomer to MenLiving, you may find it helpful to plug into our digital platforms in the order listed.

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Deepen our connections

These platforms help us deepen our connections. They help small batches, pods, and committees stay tight. They also give guys a place to create friendships through one-on-one conversations. Members of the MenLiving community can stay present in their own and one another’s lives.

MenLiving uses…


… for regular meetings and special speaker events. Each week’s six Full House meetings—including meditation and separation/divorce support—are on Zoom.


… like a community break room. Guys pop in and out as they wish and share whatever they wish, from links and texts to photos and video calls. Also in the space are rooms for special interests, such as friendship, meditation, business, and mental health.

In Discord, rooms are called “channels.” By default, all channels are open to all guys on the MenLiving server. A channel can be made private, though. Want to (1) create a public channel or (2) join or create a private channel? Message Michael Eatmon.

MenLiving Connect

is a friend-forward platform that helps guys connect with guys from all around the world that they might have something in common with or be able to learn something new from.

Submit your profile here.

Marco Polo

… for video voicemail. Guys leave “polos” for one another, either one-on-one or in a group. Some guys use Marco Polo for private conversations. Others use it to stay connected to committees, small batches, and pods.

Technical issues

We hope you don’t run into any. If you do, please check the app’s FAQ, tutorials, or other support pages. If things still aren’t working for you, feel free to email us.

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