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Partner with us – Men in Construction

MenLiving is focusing on the construction industry because….

Mental health is at a crisis level in the construction industry. And many employers currently don’t have the resources to support their employees – particularly the men in their organization – to reduce the risk.

Our vision is a world of healthy, intentional, connected men and our mission to achieve that is by creating spaces (both virtually and in-person) for men to connect, heal and thrive.  And we want to partner with companies where we can be a resource for support and connection for men who are struggling.

Men with Strong Support Networks & Connections Outside of the Workplace:

  • Have less risk of mental health crisis.
  • Show improved focus and productivity.
  • Are less prone to injury and job time loss.
  • Demonstrate more engagement.
  • Build increased leadership skills.

A few points about MenLiving:

  • We’re a 501c3 Non-profit that does not charge men for participating.
  • Our offerings are open to anyone, world-wide, identifying as male and include options for one-to-one connection, virtual meetings and mental health resources.
  • Our friend-forward social technology platform – MLConnect –  helps connect guys around the world for support, friendship, and mentorship. MLConnect is free and currently available as a resource to your team.

Our founder, Todd Adams, has been involved in the construction industry for many years – and we’re here to serve as a preventative resource to both individuals and organizations.

For individuals, we offer our Construction Full House Meeting monthly.

For organizations, we are here to provide support through our existing programs as well as collaborate around the issues facing the construction community and are open to working with you.


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