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In order to pursue our vision and mission, MenLiving requires the financial resources to reach out to men across the world and then to serve them by creating compelling spaces for men to connect, heal and thrive. We could not do what we have done thus far without the support of our Contributing Members. Thank You, Gentlemen!

Todd Adams

John Attard

Drew Bales

Ryan Bayron

Ryan Bond

Tracy Brown

Paul Burke

Jon-Paul Cameron

Gustave Carlson

Bill Cherne

Greg DeClark

Craig Dooley

Kevin Dooley

Charlie Duffy

Joseph Duku

Michael Eatmon

Shaun Emerson

Todd French

Chuck Gardner

Edward Gudas

Tom Haddon

Bill Hattendorf

Caleb Haydock

Ulrich Henes

Ruben Hernandez

Pete Herrenreiter

Larry Kaul

Scott Kent

Tainy Kone

Steve Kovacs

Brian LeFevre

Billy Litgen

David Loveless

Chris Lozier

Bradley MacLean

Brian MacNicol

Tom McCue

Andy McEvoy

Patrick McKenna

Dan Meessmann

Nicholas Miller

Kyle Mitchell

Tony Molina

Dave Nash

Frank Naugo

Justice Nerenberg

Gabe Norcross

Michael Nosek

Mark Palmieri

Mike Patterson

Jeff Plaisted

Tom Richards

Kevin Rogers

Mike Rosen

Michael Ross

Rob Rubin

Ivan Rueda

Jason Samatas

Jeremy Samatas

AJ Sassaman

Tony Schmidt

Lewis Schroeder

Stan Schwarz

Jeremy Seeman

Erik Treese

Mikey Viator

Chris Willett

Shawn Woodin

Glenn Wright

David Young

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Non-Profit Status

We formally created a 501c3 in 2019 in order to reach our vision of being the catalyst of connection for thousands of men and boys throughout all walks of life; providing resources, teachings and a safe space to more fully know ourselves, build a bridge to healthy masculinity and make the world a better place. Our non-profit status enables us to more easily to work with other organizations as well as making it easier to raise the necessary support to fund the programs of MenLiving.


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