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Diving Buddies

In order to achieve our vision of “deepening connections amongst men,” we hope to foster an environment of greater intimacy. One on One connections will prove to be the most intimate. A diving buddy is a scuba term. A diving buddy is someone of similar interest, experience and ability to share a dive. We have co-opted the idea to represent two guys connecting one on one.

Explore the Membership Directory in the Members section to connect more deeply with an individual member.

1 on 1 Coaching

Request a 1 on 1 coaching to help you on your personal or professional development journey. 1 on 1 coaching are leaders within MenLiving, as well as trained and experienced life & leadership coaches. From their own journey, they seek to impart their learnings to others committed to reaching their full potential.

Diving Buddies Roster

Whether you want to find someone to hike with, expand your circle of friends or have a deep conversation, the Roster is a resource for creating meaningful friendships.

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