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Embrace Your Next Chapter

MenLiving’s Elders Program for Men 50+


Are you a man over 50 looking to make the most of your next chapter in life? The transition into your elder years can be both exciting and challenging. For many, it’s a time of new opportunities, personal growth, and meaningful connections. For others, it can be a time of isolation and loneliness. Many men over 50 even report that they have no close friends at all.

At MenLiving, we understand the unique potential and challenges these years can bring. That’s why we’ve created the Elders program—to empower men like you. The Elders equips men to navigate this transition with purpose, confidence, and support.

What is MenLiving’s Elders program?

The Elders helps men 50 and above to thrive in their next chapter of life. It’s part coursework, part friendship-building. In partnership with leading experts, the Elders program explores

  • Biological changes of aging;
  • Relationships and social connections;
  • Mental and physical health and well-being;
  • New purposes, passions, interests, and hobbies;

Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll …

  • Be invited to continue attending biweekly meetings to expand your social circle;
  • Have an opportunity to serve as a mentor to college seniors in our Bridge program, helping to guide them through their own life transitions.

As a member of the Elders, you’ll gain tools, knowledge, and relationships. You’ll gain what you need to help make your next decades truly golden. You’ll be part of a supportive brotherhood of men, too, who uplift, challenge, and inspire one another.

Ready to embrace your second half of life?

Join the next cohort of the Elders and step confidently into this rewarding stage of life. Together, we’ll redefine what it means to be an elder—vibrant, connected, and thriving.

MenLiving is a six-year-old Chicago-based nonprofit. We create spaces both online and in person where men can connect, heal, and thrive. Each year, our team of inspired leaders hosts over 500 gatherings—at least 450 online and more than 50 in person. In every space we create, we explore how men may live healthy, intentional, connected lives.

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