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2023 MenLiving Giving Campaign

This year, MenLiving has welcomed hundreds of men to our 450+ virtual and 50ish in-person spaces. Additionally, hundreds of men across the world have completed profiles on MenLiving Connect with the intent of exploring the possibility of one-on-one friendships. But these efforts just scratch the surface of work we have yet to do.

Today, too many men everywhere are dealing with the pain of social isolation, loneliness, and depression. Our mission remains to create spaces where they can connect with other men facing the same issues, but also with men who are in a healthier place. To accomplish our mission, we need the financial support that allows us not only to create more spaces, but also to reach out to where men are so we can communicate our existence.

Do you share our goals—to create spaces for men to connect, heal, and thrive? If so, then we invite you to further our efforts with your tax-deductible investment. Working together, we can live in a world of healthy, intentional, connected men.

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