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Special Stuff

The Special Stuff is just that…special. Theses events occur outside of our week to week activity. They might be monthly, annually or simply one-time gatherings with focused topics. Make sure to keep your eyes out for our Special Stuff!

Men of Construction

In an effort to support the male-dominated construction industry, MenLiving has created the Construction Full House. Our intent is to provide the men in this industry a space to explore the particulars of their workplace and how it may be effecting their lives.

In Person Chapters

A MenLiving In Person chapter is a group of men in close geographic proximity who meet at least once a quarter for an in-person meeting led by a MenLiving facilitator. There is no commitment, and it is free of charge.

MenLiving Advance

Each year we take time out of our busy schedules to reconnect with ourselves, with one another and with nature. For a few days away from our normal distractions, we create a space that fosters authentic conversation, personal discovery, youthful play and deep connection.

4th Thursday

A monthly, confidential, online mixer for men. Mixing groups, mixing geographies, mixing lives. Come Connect, Heal, Thrive!

Regular Guys Talking

RGT is an open to all genders meeting hosted by Chris Willett and Shaun Emerson.

SIR (Sex, Intimacy and Relationships)

As a society, men do not have many opportunities to discuss these important issues. With this in mind, we have created an open space for men to share the experiences and challenges regarding sex, intimacy, and relationship led by Myles Slaughter Fey (in-person) and Jason Samatas (virtual). This group seeks to lower the walls of secrecy around sex, intimacy and relationships so that we can improve upon the health of these aspects of our lives. We hope to see you there!

Kimberley Healey


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