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Women are an Important Part of the MenLiving Community

Many men come to our community thanks to the encouragement and support of women in their lives.

If you know a man who could benefit from our mission of living connected, healthy and intentional lives, or maybe just needs some support and friendship from a group of men – we’d love to have you connect us.


How to Help the Men in Your Life:

  • Send him to our website
  • Sign him up to receive our newsletter
  • Encourage him to attend a virtual full house meeting
  • Share information about MenLiving with women in your community who have men they care about
  • Tag him in our social posts
  • Encourage him to join MenLiving Connect and participate on our Discord server

How You Can Stay Up to Date with MenLiving

  • Join our newletter to share events and articles with the men in your life
  • Watch our calendar for open to all gender events you can attend with your partner
  • Let the men in your life know about our upcoming retreats and in-person events