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Do you consider yourself an artist?  

What is the first type of art that you hold yourself up against when trying to answer that question?  Or, did you immediately answer “no”?  If I weren’t asking the questions here, I would have probably answered no as well.  My mind jumps immediately to painting, photography, music or some other obvious form.  All of which I have a very fond appreciation for and have actually dabbled in a couple myself.  But an artist?  Nagh.

However, when I read this by Iris Murdoch, British-Irish philosopher and novelist, I stopped to reconsider.   

“….self-knowledge is the most difficult of the arts of living, because understanding ourselves is a prerequisite for understanding anybody else, and because we can hardly fathom the reality of another without first plumbing our own depths, art is what makes us not only human but humane.”

Now that’s an art form I’m continually exploring and consider myself infinitely intrigued and passionate about.  I don’t know about you but I believe navigating this world can be awfully tricky sometimes and exploring our own, others and this world’s “depths” is an endless canvas of which to play upon.  

Speaking of play, come join us this Wednesday for our annual “Play Like You Did When You Were 7 yrs Old!” meeting as we engage in the wonderful art form of play!  Will you reach down into the depths of your inner 7 year old with us ?!?!

Every year in June/July, we disrupt our regularly scheduled monthly meetings which tend to have a more serious “tone” and replace it with this fun filled and spontaneous “meeting” of play.  Check out this definition from author Stuart Brown from the book “Play”- an absorbing, apparently purposeless activity that provides enjoyment and suspends self-consciousness and a sense of time.”  Who in their right mind would not want more of that in their life?  In my opinion men’s groups can sometimes take life too seriously.  This meeting is our antidote to all that seriousness.  

In years past, this has consisted of baseball, ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, and made up games in the community pool.  This year we’re planning on a few different activities that are all in the spirit of fun.

We’d love to have you join us this Wednesday night.  You can RSVP by going here.  

Frank & Todd

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