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Often, there’s a tape playing inside my head that says, “You’re not doing enough.”   This tape can continually run if I don’t stop and bring my awareness to it.  Sometimes I’ll catch myself in these moments and either internally or by physically writing them down, make a list of all that I AM doing.  When I look at that list, it sure seems like an awful lot.  So why this feeling?  

Could I be more productive?  Could I do better?  Be more efficient/effective/this or that?   Sure.  Of course.   

I feel like I’ve been at this game long enough to know that underneath the “you’re not doing enough” is simply “you’re not enough”.  Just remove the not doing and there you have it, smacks me right upside the head…or rather, used to.  Now, it’s more of a gentle reminder to turn towards that feeling and recognize it’s familiarity, bow respectively to it then shake my head no.  

But, alas that damn tape is a pesky one.  You’d think based on how old that technology is, it’d have broken by now!  No, it chugs along.  So, I do to.  I’ve developed a simple practice to complement my respective bow.  

I write that dang list of what I’ve done.  I have enough TO DO lists going.  This one is a DONE and WON list.  You betcha.  What I got done for the day and what was won.  

Next, I clean my closet. 

I do this both literally and figuratively.  Over the years I’ve noticed this habit from which I derive great satisfaction.  Most of you guys know me well enough to know I’ve got some eccentricities.  Well, this is one of them.  I’ll clean my closet when I need to “straighten up” and “de-clutter” – often when I have this sense of feeling overwhelmed or am ready for action.  I fold clothes, get rid of “stuff” and put things back in their place.  

Can you see the figurative nature of this practice?  

Finally, I re-focus my attention.  The closet thing is just the catalyst to facilitate forward momentum and to redirect the ship.  Maybe more does need to get done. Bigger tasks tackled.  Or, perhaps not.  I can look at my DONE and WON list and my neatly folded clothes in my well-organized closet, smile and bow inwardly.  

Perhaps you have your version of “cleaning your closet” that you want to share in the comments. 


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