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Guest Author: David Young

Cacao is served worldwide, often at empathogenic and entheogenic medicine ceremonies, yoga/tantric/breathwork/meditation sessions, and many other gatherings. It is easy for anyone to enjoy themselves at home and it can strengthen relationships especially if enjoyed as a couple. A morning cup helps start the day with gratitude and satiation. An additional afternoon or evening ‘cacao time’ can be gentle way to slow the day down.

For my MenLiving friends especially, please try it. Your day may never be the same again.

For those men (or women) who are less skilled or confident in the kitchen this ritual can provide a simple and nutritious way to overcome those perceived hurdles. It provides a tasty dose of magnesium and feel-good neurotransmitters. I have found that it helps me avoid habitual snacking and have lost multiple pounds since being introduced to cacao.

Cacao e-book
A free e-book on cacao is provided by Lorna Liana & the EntheoNation Team. There was lots of love injected in this educational e-book. medicine/?vgo_ee=%2F4NcVLIubboxKLeIzSvDU%2FlMy%2BOWWuyaZunZiCXh6gI%3D

Cacao Ceremony on Youtube

Ceremonial Cacao

3 tablespoons per 10-12 cup (per person) (about 21 grams). Heat a cup of Original Unsweetened Hemp Milk.

Add a good dash of cinnamon per cup. I like 15-20 drops of stevia or monkfruit as a non- glycemic sweetener.

Stir frequently but do not let it boil (given the hemp fats). A minor simmer is fine for a short period.

The necessary tools are simply: a stove, medium pot, spatula, tablespoon, and mug.

Ideally heat all ingredients until steaming and well blended/melted then pour and enjoy.

NOTE: I prefer unsweetened hemp milk to reduce glycemic spikes and calories. I use 15- 20 drops of stevia or monkfruit for taste. If sweetened hemp milk is
used just reduce the drops by half.

NOTE: I use only 3 level tablespoons of cacao (about 21 grams, technically a ‘meditative’ dose) (note 1 oz is 28 g) . Greater amounts have a higher chance of causing minor temporary GI issues unless one is experienced in higher ceremonial doses.

Hemp Milk Based/dp/B00MFCHYS2/ref=sr_1_5_0o_wf?crid=9WU6UDO0JK9&dchild=1&keywords=hemp+milk+unsweetened+organic&qid=16335497 96&sprefix=hemp+milk%2Caps%2C157&sr=8-5

I used to make it with water but found hemp milk superior in nutrition and taste. Almond milk is not environmentally friendly due to the amount of water it requires to produce. I buy 6-10 of these hemp milk quarts every week from Whole Foods to be sure I have enough to share with company that may stop in.

My daily cacao and the thoughts/affirmations that arise is a primary part of my integration in the days before and after medicine ceremonies. I feel it gives me grounding between ceremonies regardless of the type of empathogenic or entheogenic medicine.

For a weekly couple’s ritual, I suggest that you pick the special place that is free of distractions as well as the right time, keep it to an hour or less, and flavor it with soft music (or silence), a candle, affirmations, and intention. Avoid discussion that can lead to judgement of any type. Simply be present with each other and the medicine. Eventually I bought a sound bowl and used sage smudging to set the tone and cleanse each other outside before drinking.

I hope cacao becomes a transformative daily or weekly ritual for you. Also note that not all cacao is grown and processed with intention and love hence the term ‘ceremonial’ cacao. Express self-love and gratitude and the medicine will give back many-fold.


  • Treese Erik says:

    This is really informative thank you

  • Laura Casaleggi Clark says:

    Hi David! This is brilliant, simple, and appealing. I’m glad I found your blog. We’re nutritional kindred spirits, except that you’re knowledge takes me to new places. Maybe it’s genetic?! Hope all is well with you!

    • David says:

      So sweet. I am grateful that I can share. Pass it on to others. It truly embodies yummy love due to the theobromine that hugs the soul.

  • Daniel Zim says:

    Hi Dave, I’ll have to try ceremonial cacao. I will follow your recipe. If it helps strengthen relationships, it must be good.

    • David says:

      Dan, it sure can help one understand oneself and connect with others. Cacao includes theobromine which is literally ‘food of the gods’ as it has been special part of the diet of millions for untold centuries. Creating dopamine and other healthy neurotransmitters is so satisfying. Drink with intention and gratitude. And your smile will say it all.

  • Hi Dave, Cacao sounds enticing especially since it can help strengthen relationships. I’m look forward to trying it.

  • Cinthia says:

    Thanks for the information, definitely have to try it.

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