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There are at least as many ways in which parenting is wonderful as it is challenging.  

My kids teach me things almost daily (I’m guessing you can relate).  Their wisdom catches me off guard sometimes and I’m stuck sitting there dumbfounded, mouth agape without a word to say.  One of the ways they teach me is with their play.  They seem to have a boundless supply of imagination and creativity (not to mention energy).   Could these 3 all possibly be tied together?  Hmmm… 

The other day, my wife picked up a set of those colorful magnetic tiles for the kids that you can construct into a bunch of different shapes and structures.  I was intrigued.  My daughter was thrilled to begin playing with the tiles and not only started constructing things in a way I would never have thought of but was simultaneously making up a whole story, scene, characters, and plot to go along with it!  I was there next to her quietly concentrating on building a very structurally sound (albeit, boring) structure. 

She busted out the miniature plastic dinosaur figurines and integrating them into her play project.  It was infectious.  We ended up building things together and while I let her take the lead on the plot line, I loosened up my idea of how things were “supposed to go” and began to simply, play. 

Yesterday, my daughter and son (both fans of Paw Patrol) wanted ME to come up with a “pretend” story line for us 3 pups to act out.  I don’t think I need to call the producers just yet but they had fun, I had fun and with just our bodies and minds we were simply creating something that wasn’t there a few moments before.  

Oh yes, my bias tells me how special, brilliant, funny and creative my kids are.  Yet, I’m convinced that all kids have this innate ability to just create for the sake of creating with no end goal in sight, no mark of greatness, goodness or even okayness to hit.   Just to play.  To be in the moment and have fun being there.  

You and I were there once.  Maybe you still are.  

I invite you to join us this Wednesday to see if we can not only remember those moments, but, possibly live them.  

Creatively yours, 


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