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My first friend that I remember was Sean Fitzpatrick. Second Grade. Sean and I were on the nerdy side. Studious. We liked books. It’s possible we were drawn together by our same first name, but I don’t recall how big a factor that was. Our friendship only lasted a couple of years ending when I moved. I’ll always remember when the class made going away cards for me Sean’s had a picture of him on the front, left arm stretched to the blue sky, a strategic slit cut into the paper to hold his movable left hand waving goodbye. Since Sean, I have had friends across the spectrum: populars, floaters, good-ats, loners, jocks, brains, fine-arts, normal, stoners, emos, goths, nerds, and geeks. These folks crossed gender, ethnic background and sexual orientation. As I think back, some communions were definitely awkward, but I smile at the breadth and diversity of them. No doubt, those friendships have shaped who I am today. Evermore, I feel being is connecting and connecting is being. And so, I continue to seek the adventure of new connections. Today, I invite you to do the same. I make this invitation knowing that making new connections and building friendships isn’t always the easiest thing – especially as an adult. So, MenLiving created a solution to make it simpler.

Today, MenLiving is launching MenLiving Connect a friend-forward social platform that helps regular guys meet other regular guys from all around the world. By completing a profile here, the ML Connect platform will match you with other men across the world with whom you might have something in common. You can choose to connect or not. That’s up to you (I say go for it!). Feeling adventurous? Search the Connect directory and make a friend you might never have the chance to meet in day-to-day life. While Connect may be hooking up Brains with other Brains, maybe hanging out with a Jock sounds more interesting. Giddy up! I can attest to the beauty of shaking it up with a man who you thought might not be in your wheelhouse.

Many men across the world are living in quiet desperation. Lonely. Unfulfilled. MenLiving exists to create spaces for these men to find relationships, to heal and to thrive. But we are not only about men who might be struggling right now. The spaces we create are for all men. They offer a spot for learning, enrichment, service, mentoring, and friendship. This is the adventure MenLiving Connect offers you. Come join the community!


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