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Man has intuition too, 

We carry it boiling in our belly 

A hot coal that won’t extinguish

It bubbles over in rage or suspicion

Its vapor clouds our vision

Sizzling whispered lies of ineptitude, inadequacy 

Sometimes, when we open our mouths

We breathe fire

It leaps to escape

Becoming the lump in our throat

And suddenly we are wordless

Tears unable to materialize

In the heat of our un-known knowing

Your anger is but the smoldering of your

Imprisoned self

Man has intuition too, 

Glowing wasted in the darkness of our body

Brother, I am here to tell you

It is not an unwieldable weapon 

From which you must spare the world

It will not set fire to your wife and children

Nor the world you have crafted with your hands of

Divine masculine creativity

It is simply

Your light

Man has intuition too, 

And he’d do well to heed it

All you need to stop it burning you

Is to set it free

For it is the illumination of your authentic self

It is the torch that lights the path to

Undivided love and knowing

Bringing into view all that you’ve hidden in the shadows

Of your self, of others, of your greatest masterpiece

Do you not want to see the whole thing?

Man has intuition too,

Set it free

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