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Meet MenLiving is an ongoing blog post providing more insight into the men who are members of our community. In this post, we introduce you to MenLiving Co-Founders Todd Adams and Frank Naugo:

Let’s start with some basics about your story. Share the parts you’d like to share. Where are you from? Education? Career? Age? Family facts?

Todd: From the northwest side of Chicago. Degrees in Finance & Management from Drake University. 47. Married for 17 years to Cathy, we have 3 daughters ages 12, 15, 16.

Frank: From the Motor City! (okay, not really the city proper but the northern burbs of Detroit). BS in Engineering Management from Western Michigan University. 46. Lovely family of 4, my wife Jamie, daughter Eliza (4) and son Arden (2)

In a sentence or 2, tell us why you started MenLiving?

Todd: I got sick of having bullshit inauthentic conversations with other men.

Frank: I started MenLiving when I was going through a very difficult time in my life.  I had a supportive extended family, several “friends”, was in a relationship and yet felt alone in dealing with what I was going through.  I knew there had to be a better way.  This was part of that better way.

 In looking back on MenLiving’s first 7-8 years, what has been the most surprising aspect of how it has unfolded and its development?

Todd: The majority of men are willing and enthusiastic of cutting the bullshit and sharing an honest and vulnerable piece of themselves.  They simply need the invitation.

Frank: Still what surprises me most is how eager men are to open up and engage in these ways when given the opportunity and space to do so.

If “present” you could give “past” you 1 piece of advice when you were first starting MenLiving, what would it be?

Todd: Don’t be so serious. I know the future me will be telling the present me the same thing.

Frank: Sometimes leaps are better than baby steps.

How would you describe MenLiving to a prospective member in five words or less?

Todd: Can I use 12? Quality of one’s life is dependent on the quality of one’s relationships. If you limit me to 5 words, an opportunity to get real.

Frank: An opportunity to build meaningful relationships (I’m borrowing 1 word from another answer).

Currently reading:

Todd: Falling upward by Richard Rohr

Frank: A Beginners Guide to the Universe by Mike Dooley

Anything else you would care to share?

Todd: My favorite movies are empire strikes back, planes trains, and automobiles, and midnight run

Other question(s) you would like to answer?

Todd: How about “what can a man expect if he were to join MenLiving?” An opportunity to step into space to feel both challenged and supported to be the best version of himself.

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