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I was on the phone with some buddies the other day- 3 days after the historic overturn of Roe V Wade.  Although I found myself thinking quite a bit over the SCOTUS decision, we did not talk about it.  Instead, the conversation was dominated by work, the NHL playoffs, and other random topics.  It occurred to me that these guys have not been impacted by the SCOTUS decision in the same way the women in my life were. For many women, the issue has been front and center (regardless of their position).

In my experience men spend much less time on what some consider “women’s issues”- reproductive rights, gender equality, etc.  At MenLiving we create spaces to:

  • Lean into the heavier topics as opposed to the tendency towards sports and work.
  • Have conversations with people of different views through a lens of curiosity.
  • Challenge and support each other to discuss what it means to live in mature masculinity (taking responsibility, feeling our feelings, communicate consciously) as opposed to being trapped in the “manbox”?

We are certainly not perfect at creating these spaces, but at a minimum I can say we’re working on it.  Hope you decide to join us.

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  • John Anderson says:

    Did you consider that men don’t view Roe the same way that women do because men have no reproductive right? Men may rightly be looking at this as progress toward equality. Sure, people may argue that it’s bodily autonomy, but how do you think people pay child support? The vast majority of men use their body to work to earn the money to pay the support.

    No one considers men’s bodily autonomy. Genital mutilation of male minors is legal. Only men can be drafted. There are also post abortion men. At least these men can avoid that trauma. Maybe talk to men who’ve decided that their value is not measured by their level of service to women.

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