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MenLiving isn’t about creeds or gurus or judgments.
Still, we believe that some approaches to life can lead to greater contentment.
With that objective in mind, we created a list of 5 suggestions for living more fully for your consideration, hopeful that you’ll find them helpful.

The Suggestions are: Live Consciously, Live Curiously, Live Emotionally, Live Candidly and Live Intentionally

In this blogpost, some initial thoughts on Living Emotionally 

For many guys, experiencing their emotions is like riding a scary roller coaster. They’d rather not get on in the first place, but life seems to insist. Once on, they grip their safety harness and grit their teeth. They can’t get off the ride fast enough when it’s over. What scares many about their emotions is the unknown.

What if we allowed ourselves, though, to feel fear, anger, sadness, happiness, and arousal? What if we let them flow through us, instead of stuffing them down, trying to silence them? What might happen? We might just learn to live free . . . from expectations, from judgment, from fear.

How are you living life? Clinging to a safety harness or embracing your emotions as they come? Do you stuff your feelings down, hoping the scary ride will soon be over? Or do you let yourself feel all your feelings, curious about what life’s next twist might bring?

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