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MenLiving wants to see a world of healthy, intentional, connected men.
To make that vision a reality, we create spaces where men can connect, heal, and thrive.
We also offer simple suggestions for how they might live life more fully.

MenLiving isn’t about creeds or gurus or judgments.
Still, we believe that some approaches to life can lead to greater contentment.
We offer the following for your consideration, hopeful that you’ll find it helpful.
You may even find these suggestions transformative.

The Suggestions for Living Fully are: Live Consciously, Live Curiously, Live Emotionally, Live Candidly and Live Intentionally

In this blogpost, we offer some initial thoughts on Living Intentionally

For some people, life is something that happens to them. As though on a flimsy raft on a stormy sea, they feel tossed around by their circumstances. They feel powerless, subject to whatever life washes their way. Worse, many feel anxious, even resentful, that things don’t turn out as they expected.

We don’t know how life’s winds will blow, nor can we control them. Still, we can stop living passively—as a victim, blaming someone when life doesn’t go our way. We can experience life intentionally, as a choice, curious about what it might teach us.

How are you living life? Do you create, or co-create, your experiences, or does everything merely happen to you? Do you take full responsibility for how you show up, or do you often react in pain, like a wounded animal in a cage?

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