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The topic of our September 30th Chicago meeting was Cultivating Creativity. Mike Rosen and Todd Adams wrote a couple great poems about their MenLiving experience.

We Gather- Mike Rosen

Under the timeless glow of an autumn moon

We gather

Not to harvest fields as the thousands who preceded us

Around the fire, under the same bright moon our ancestors knew

We gather

Nurturing not the land

But our hearts

Not our heads

But our hearts

We gather

Fuller with every crackle of flame

We work to grow

Nor our fortunes

But our hearts

We gather


Not our bellies

But the famine unknowingly created by life

We gather

Feeding not our mouths

But an insatiable thirst

An unending desire to express

To let out all that’s within us

We gather

To satiate that thirst

Our hearts

Our souls

All that brings us joy

We gather

Fuller than when we began

We gather


I’m In – by Todd Adams

We are a community of men.

We give and we get.

We share… we share laughter, we share grunts, we share groans.

We experience uncomfortable meetings & uncomfortable moments.  We experience order, disorder, and reorder.

This is tough- terrifying guts, heart wrenching clearings.  If we’re doing it right, it’s messy.  Can we embrace it?  Untapped anger, unrealized sadness, reluctant fear, paralyzing shame. 

But there’s gold on the other side.  There’s exhilarating friendship and deep connection. 

There’s the almighty king

There’s the mysterious magician

There’s the powerful warrior

There’s the unconditional lover. 

Are you brave enough to step into this familiar world that you have since forgotten? 

Drop your sword and shield.  Take off your mask and show us who you are. 

I’m in.

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