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There’s this dance of BEing in the present moment AND creating your future.  

Oh this dance can be a graceful waltz or a rough krump battle.  It can be carefully choreographed or made up on the spot and improvised.  

How to plant yourself firmly in the present moment and not just during a 15 minute morning meditation (and many of us know how hard that can sometimes be) but to do it throughout our day.  

How to craft the life you desire.  The life of your dreams.  The life you need.  The one that will take work and commitment and energy and resources.  And, to practice being here now.

I’ve fallen into the trap before thinking that planning to far into the future, setting goals, creating targets, checking boxes is antithetical to a life lived in the present moment. 

Consider this activity.

Many of you, I know, are skilled at this.  Have tried and failed and tried again, succeeded and reaped the reward.  Perhaps are in the midst of this activity right now. 


Another form of art.

This lovely act.  This co-creation with the earth, the elements, our environment.  

Those of you that have partaken in this activity have you considered a practice?  

You might.  I might.  

Tilling the soil, folding in compost, creating the rows, planting the seeds, watering, watching.  Quite a meditative process if approached as such.  

This BEing in the present moment whilst planning for and cultivating the future.  The one you desire.  The one you dream of.  The one you need.  

One Comment

  • Steven D Kovacs says:

    I do work in the garden but this note is a gift. I enjoy it but I am very results driven. I look forward to the next trip out to the garden as a “practice” rather than a task.