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MenLiving men’s group is excited to announce its new status as a not-for-profit organization!  The current group began February 2012 in Todd’s living room with a few others longing for authentic conversation and connection amongst men.  Since that 1st meeting seven years ago, we’ve brought men together each month in an effort to break down barriers and redefine the current concept of masculinity.  We’ve since hosted over 100 events (including an annual 4 day retreat (5 years running!)), covering a wide array of topics including relationships, depression, privilege, gender equality, cultivating creativity, and practicing play (like during our annual summer meeting “play like you did when you were 7”).  MenLiving continually strives to strike a balance between embracing discomfort by living at our “edge” and cultivating a joy filled life by offering support and sharing space with one another. 

Frank & Todd have since come to realize that this work is much too important to limit it to men in their primary group so they’ve decided to take the mission and values to others outside of the Chicagoland area in order to inspire and empower those beyond to tap into this spirit of masculinity. 

As a not-for-profit, we plan to use membership funds and donations not only to further MenLiving mission but also to support other non-profits we and our members believe in. We want to stand behind MenLiving members “giving back” and investing themselves in something bigger than themselves and making a positive difference.

For example, long standing MenLiving Member, Jorge is part of Chicago Voyagers, a not-for-profit organization empowering at-risk youth through outdoor experiential adventures that foster healthy relationships and responsible behavior. New MenLiving Member, Brad MacLean, has dedicated himself to Dwankhozi Hope as an IT professional managing their technical operations and once traveled to Zambia, Africa to setup a computer lab for a rural community they support.

These are the type of stories we want to get behind and encourage from our MenLiving members. Expect future articles written specifically about our MenLiving Members experiences making a difference in unique ways and how MenLiving is supporting them!

Where do your contributions go?

Your investment will be used as a catalyst of connection for thousands of men/boys throughout all walks of life; providing resources, teachings and a safe space to more fully know ourselves, build a bridge to healthy masculinity and make the world a better place. More specifically towards creating:

  • Programs to support men in other communities to create their own MenLiving
  • MenLiving scholarships to support men who are otherwise unable to participate in our programs
  • Programs to raise the emotional intelligence of boys
  • Opportunities of philanthropy for our community