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Shaun Emerson

Robin Dunbar, the evolutionary psychologist, is best known for his namesake “Dunbar’s number,” which he defines as the number of stable relationships people are able to maintain at once. (The proposed number is 150.) But in a new book earlier this year, he also explained that the Dunbar number really isn’t a single number. It should be a series of numbers. In fact, he explains that relationships turned out to be highly structured in the sense that people didn’t see or contact everybody in their social network equally. The network was very clumpy.  The distribution of the data formed a series of layers, with each outer layer including everybody in the inner layer. Each layer is three times the size of the layer directly preceding it: 5; 15; 50; 150; 500; 1,500; 5,000. You can see a graphical depiction of the circles of friendship above. 

As I write this piece, it is the day before Thanksgiving and I am thinking that it makes sense to keep with the theme of gratitude and all I am thankful for. And since I am writing this piece for MenLiving, I want to share with you how grateful I am for the men I have met in the spaces that are created here.  The growth of my “friendship circle” has been exponential and my life is richer for the men on this list. Today, I give thanks for:

Todd Adams

Frank Naugo

Kevin Rogers

Tim Peters

Mike Rosen (and Kelly!)

Erik Treese

Ed Gudas

Craig Dooley

Tony Molina

Tony Schmidt

Gabe Norcross

Michael Eatmon

Bill Chaney

Bill Hattendorf

Jason Samatas

Dan Kemp

Chris Lozier

Patrick McKenna

Dave Nash

Kyle Mitchell

Andy McEvoy

Tom Richards

Dan Silberberg

Chris Richardson

Pete Herrnreiter

Ryan Bayron

Chris Cunliffe

Andrew Zamora

Mike Patterson

Charlie Duffy

David Loveless

Jay Thomson

Greg DeClark

Ryan Bond

John Natoli

David Young 

John Attard

Steve Kovacs

Jeff Pozen

Kevin Dooley

Dan Martinez

John Duffy

Jeff Plaisted

And the many other men I have connected with and the many more to come.

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