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Growing up, I visited with both sets of grandparents often. Without fail, every time I would enter my Nana Emerson’s house, she would give me a big hug and exclaim, “Oh, Shaun, you are getting so big, and I am shrinking!” And that was no lie, I was an early bloomer getting to (and stopping ????‍♂️) at 5’9”by 8th grade and she topped out at under 5 feet. I swear she was smaller than 4 ½ feet when she passed. This shrinking was not unique to Nana though. I (we!) will be following in her little footsteps.

The research shows that we all shrink as we get older.  On average, we shrink about a quarter to a third of an inch per decade for every decade after 40.  All told, men will get about 1.2 to 1.5 inches shorter, and women will lose up to 2 inches, by age 70. For men it’s less prominent because we have more muscle mass in general and our bones tend to be stronger. But, according to AARP, men will likely be dealing with shrinkage in other areas as well. I am at an age where I can qualify to be a member of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Last year, I got my AARP “card” and signed up for a couple of newsletters, one of which is targeted to men, titled AARP Arrow. Last week, the title of the most recent Arrow newsletter was “Is Your Penis Shrinking? Here’s how to find out.” What the…???

Are guys really thinking about this? Have you considered it?? I chalk this article up to pure click bait. Most guys see an article on penis size and it’s like chum in the water. We can’t help but bite. A piece like this harkens back to the story that we heard as boys, in so many places and from so many mouths, that our virility, our masculinity, our worth is directly correlated to the size of our dick.

This myth has had such an impact that men spend tens of millions of dollars on “male enhancement” treatments every year. My wish would be that instead men would invest in self-awareness, self-acceptance and letting go and then pass on this learning to boys who are likely hearing the “big dick, better man” story as you read this post.

As I sit here writing this, I can’t help but think how nuts it is that a body appendage has had so much sway over my mental state throughout my lifetime. I suppose that speaks to the whole mind, body connection, right? And now, that body (and that appendage) are shrinking. Nuts.


  • Heath Singletary says:

    To the nucking-futz bigger dick–better man message add the bigger *man*–better man motif. I’m shorter than the average American dude. Guys who see me naked recognize that my member is proportional to my body. What seems to some—and for too long felt to me—so damned unmanly is that the dick’s attached to a small frame.

    I’ll agree with those who say that size matters. I’ll add, though, that the size that matters is that of a man’s self-awareness and self-acceptance.

  • Randell B Bursey says:

    Thank you Shaun for the info on the Male penis (dick) I recently found out that my dick is perfectly fine and and functions well I think my dick size is still the same size I am happy with what I have. I would say about 75% of men compare their dicks to other men. Some dicks are bigger than others but I was told that when you were born that is what you get. One more thing Porn has a bigger part I dated a porn star (male) the cam make your dick look big on the cam.

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