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MenLiving isn’t about creeds or gurus or judgments.
Still, we believe that some approaches to life can lead to greater contentment.
With that objective in mind, we created a list of 5 suggestions for living more fully for your consideration, hopeful that you’ll find them helpful.

The Suggestions are: Live Consciously, Live Curiously, Live Emotionally, Live Candidly and Live Intentionally

In this blogpost, some initial thoughts on Living Consciously

Living life fully begins with awareness—of ourselves, of others, of the world. Awareness is a tree that always branches out while always growing within. Its root is an intimate knowledge of our self. Awareness looks and listens and considers, but it doesn’t judge what it sees.

Humans are animals with consciousness, but this awareness seems a mystery to many. At its core, though, isn’t it an acknowledgement and an acceptance of our whole self and experience? This deep self-awareness allows us to connect freely and openly with others, too.

How are you living life? Unconsciously or consciously? As a self-absorbed observer or a self-celebrating actor? In the there and then of fears, longings, and regrets, or in the here and now of reality? Can you look at yourself, others, and the world around you simply noticing it all with wonder?

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