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I was standing in my living room in Wicker Park sometime in 2008 when my friend Frank Naugo started talking to me about his desire to start something—a men’s group—a place to connect, learn and grow.

I remember it well, probably because of my reaction more than anything else. I thought, “cool, but not for me”. I was in the middle of a low point in my life and was not in a place to admit that I wanted or needed that support nor was I vulnerable enough to allow for it in my life. I was also feeling a little awkward about joining something that did not seem to fit with what I thought masculinity or being a man was all about. I mean, we all want to “be a man”, right? This did not seem to fit the bill and it made me a little uncomfortable.

Fast forward and here we are. I wish I could go back to talk to the 34-year-old version of me. Among the many things I would say is that this group can change you. I am blessed with family and friends who love me and support me. But this group, this particular group of men, we’re in this together to challenge each other, love and support each other, help each other grow and hopefully have some fun together along the way. Whether you have never heard of us or whether you have already been a part of us, I hope you’ll get more involved in MenLiving.

Feel free to send this inaugural newsletter and/or future copies to friends you think might enjoy hearing more. This is just one tool we’re going to start to use to keep us connected in between meetings, retreats, and social gatherings. It will be a space for us as members to share inspiration, experiences, upcoming events and other content. Input is always welcome. Hope you enjoy it.

Tim Peters, MenLiving Member
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