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Self-Compassion Small Batch details

Goal – Build awareness of the value of self-compassion and cultivate self-compassion practices while working collectively through the “The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook – A Proven Way to Accept Yourself, Build Inner Strength, and Thrive” by Kristin Neff.  Self-compassion is a proven benefit to individual well-being for everyone and especially those who are particularly self-critical.

This Small Batch is intended to get a good group of guys together on this journey to create accountability and share experiences as we work through the topic and practices of self-compassion..

If you don’t already have experience with this topic, or even if you do, Dr. Neff’s 19 minute self-compassion TED talkhas 2.4MM views for a good reason; it is awesome.  Dr. Neff explains why self-compassion is so hard. She shows how the biases in our genes and culture make it difficult to maintain high self-esteem and encourage it in others. One fascinating research finding is that almost everybody things they are above average especially at skills valued in our particular culture…which is mathematically impossible!  Her research shows that self-compassion often requires counterintuitive thinking but with practice can provide a doorway to improved well-being, more connection with others, and increased ability to thrive.

I’ve scanned the intro and first 2 chapters of the workbook to pdf for you to get a sense of the content and what the practices look like. The chapters are all pretty short with exercises and reflections intended to put this into practice.

This Small Batch begins the week of Oct 30th, and go 3 months to the week of Jan 29th, with a 2 week break Dec 25-Jan 5. The meetings will be in the evening during the week based on a poll of availability.

Commitment to participate
1) Commit to completing the workbook over 12 weeks. We will read 2 chapters per week and practice the exercises over the following week.

  • To participate you need to purchase a copy of Kristen Neff’s Self-compassion workbook. Her Self-compassion book is a complimentary resource but not required.
  • Read 2 chapters each week.
  • Perform the exercises following each chapter.

2) Contribute weekly to a dedicated Marco Polo group and/or Discord channel. Small Batch participants can post reactions to the Chapter content, share successes/challenges with the exercises, and pose questions to the group.

  • At least one Marco Polo post weekly by each participant
  • and/or Discord post in the private self-compassion thread

3) Make an honest effort to attend the 3 monthly one-hour virtual discussions with the full group and a kickoff the week of Oct 30th.

Please reach out to if you are interested or have questions.

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