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Monday Night Wildcard- Why did “Man or Bear” Go Viral? (Open to everyone)

May 20 @ 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm CDT

Seeing the World Through a Woman’s Eyes

Why did “Man or Bear” Go Viral?
Seeing the World Through a Woman’s Eyes

This event is open to everyone.

The internet posed the question, “If you were lost in the woods, would you rather encounter a man or a bear?” The vast majority of women answered “bear,” eliciting upset and even anger from many men, and the whole thing went viral. Then Harrison Butker, the kicker from the KC Chiefs gave a commencement speech telling women to “lean into their vocation” of being a housewife and mother.

How do we share our real experiences without causing pain to others? How do we discuss issues across genders without taking personal offense? Whether it’s this issue or any other, how do we empathically listen and understand another person’s experience and perspective?

This is a great discussion for all genders and partners!

May 20th 5p PST/7p CST/8p EST